Letter about cyber-wellness


I heard that you’re addicted to the internet. Well, I’m here to give you some advice about it.  I know that you use the internet about 10 hours a day, and your eyesight is getting worse. That is one reason why you shouldn’t use the internet all day long. Another reason is because time is precious and you should use this precious time to do other things that are more meaningful than using the internet.

Using the internet 10 hours a day also causes you to skip your meals. Skipping your meals is not good because your stomach will feel extremely uneasy and it will cause your stomach to have gastric problems, which is not a good thing, and your stomach may even have a hole in it sooner or later.

To reduce your internet addiction, take eye breaks every 30 minutes and socialise with your family and friends once in a while. Try to cut down on your time you use your computer too.

Chin Fan.

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