Letter about Cyber Wellness

Dear random person,

You spend the entire day playing Call of Duty! That is why I'm writing a letter to you because most of the time your ears are blocked by gun shooting sounds. You addiction is getting out of hand. A symptom of addiction is you cannot concentrate on other things if you did not play games, you tend to shift the topic to gaming all the time and many of us are annoyed by that.

I am deeply concerned about you mental and physical well-being. It is likely that you stay up the whole night playing games rather than spending the time sleeping. Dozing off in class not only will lead to poor performance in work but also lack of energy for sports.

To get rid of your addiction, I suggest you make a timetable for yourself and be disciplined enough to follow it. Reduce your gaming time to a maximum of an hour a day. If you need help, call 6273 5568  or visit http://www.touch.org.sg/touch_cyber_wellness for more information.

Yours whateverily,
Another random person

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