Letter about Cyber Wellness (Sean Phua Aik Han)

Hi Jing ____,

I've come to know of your addiction to the internet, so, I'm writing to advise you to kick the bad habit now. Why you should not use the internet use the internet so much? Well, have you ever wondered about the more beneficial things you can do if you do not use the internet as much? If you have not, you should think about it now.

Some examples of activities you can carry out besides using the internet are reading, revising work and even going out to play. These are just some suggestions to help you curb your addiction towards the internet.

Although you can still use the internet, you must exercise self control. But you must also watch out for your own safety. This can be done by not chatting to strangers and not agreeing to meeting up with them in person.

I can only give you advice on how to change but the rest is up to you.


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  1. Indeed, I agree with this post. Jing Jie has to stop his gaming.