Letter about Cyber Wellness ( Emily Wu )

Dear XXX , 

        I have noticed that you are spending more and more time on the internet . I have even heard from your parents that you are skipping meals just so you could spend more time on the internet . As a friend , I feel that what you are doing right now is not advisable so I am writing to provide some suggestions you can try . 
       First of all , this way of lifestyle should not continue because it is very harmful to your health . By skipping meals , you are missing all the calcium and proteins your body needs to grow . Also , by sitting in that chair all day , all your muscles will start deteriorating. 
It is not too late yet . Just follow these few simple steps to curb your addiction . Firstly , make a timetable and follow it . Be sure to limit your hours on the internet and also set aside time for exercise . Second , be sure to get your friends and family to help you . Tell them about your plans and ask them to remind you every now and then . Lastly , have confidence . Being confident is already half the battle won . 
Yours , 

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