Letter About Cyber-Wellness (20)

Write a Letter to a friend who is addicted to the internet and Talk to him about Cyber Wellness

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Dear Addressee,
It has come to our attention that,inferred from evidence gathered through a period of time until present,you have been shown to have an addiction to the internet.Witnesses(Your mother,father,sister,brother,and hamster) have testified to your spending18 hours a day on various internet websites,applications such as Facebook,MouseHunt,Work-related websites,and some things which would be inappropriate to mention in this letter.

Such behaviour will not be tolerated.The purpose of the internet was to create a network of computers.Your use of this system has both caused harm to yourself and others.Contrary to what you think,people can live without the internet,and in some instances might even be better off without it.The people before our generation lived this way,you can. Furthermore, your life is not a part of the internet,so before you go and waste 3/4 of your life sitting there,please think very carefully about what you want to be for yourself,what you want to be for others, and what others want of you.You only get to live once so please do not waste it away on the internet.

Ways that you can help yourself curb this addiction is restraining yourself whenever you go past the time that you actually need for productive activities that you do on the internet.If you find that you still can't do it,then you might want to ask somebody to switch off the internet and keep it locked somewhere you can't know or reach.Then you might want to spend your time in more productive activities like your homework or read.

Yours Faithfully,

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