Cyber Wellness 7 April 2011

In your class blog, write a letter to yourself or someone you know who is addicted to gaming.

Explain why you are concerned about the individual’s addiction and how you can lend a helping hand to get him/her out of the addiction.


  1. Dear myself,
    I am concerned about your gaming addiction, plz stop gaming as it will affect ur studies and ur behaviour as u are very addicted. So plz do not game, thx :D

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Through the past 4 months of observation, I realized that you are addicted to gaming. Although you think that there is no harm in this, there are far more severe consequences when you are too concerned with gaming. Gaming is basically a way of entertainment and would consume time when other stuff can be done. It would affect your studies, relationship with family and friends, eyesight, health and even your character. I personally do not wish to see you do badly for your exams, fall sick or even behave weirdly due to the influence of the games. Studies and incidents have shown that games have and influence towards the player. It would also indirectly result in health problems like depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. In the long run, it would also affect your eyesight as you do not have enough rest. If serious, people would also isolate themselves so that they can concentrate on their games.

    Hence, I advise you to stop gaming, control the time you spend playing and to concentrate on studies. If you would need help, you can look for teachers or counselors to help you manage your time properly.

    Liau Zheng En

  3. Dear XXX,

    It has come to my attention that lately, you seem to be using your computer a lot. Although I do not know what exactly you are doing, but from your reactions, I can roughly guess what you are doing. Although the internet is useful, it can prove to be a distraction to you. You will be too focused on the internet, and start to ignore your studies, even though your studies is more important then the internet.

    Yours Sincerely,

  4. Dear Person,
    I have noticed that you are extremely addicted to the internet and that you are spending more than 5 hours on the internet everyday. Did you know, every hours spent on the internet is an hour you could spend talking with your family and friends. So you are practically wasting your life away. Also, did you know, typing too much could cause you to have a problem with your hands. If you go on this way, you will waste too much of your life before you realize its too late.

    However, its not too late for you. There is still hope if you listen to me... First, you have to resist and stop using the computer so much everyday! If you cant to even that, ask your friends and family to help you. If you don’t stop now, you might also get myopia ! Only then will you learn how important it is to cure your addiction.

    Yours Sincerely,

  5. Dear "namow kwahom,

    it has come to my attention that you have been using your computer for extended periods of time even when there is no more homework. I can only come to the conclusion that you have been playing computer games. Although the internet is useful, it can prove to be a distraction to you. please learn to control yourself, before you get addicted to computer gaming.

    Yours Sincerely,
    chua zong wei