Letter about cyber-wellness


I heard that you’re addicted to the internet. Well, I’m here to give you some advice about it.  I know that you use the internet about 10 hours a day, and your eyesight is getting worse. That is one reason why you shouldn’t use the internet all day long. Another reason is because time is precious and you should use this precious time to do other things that are more meaningful than using the internet.

Using the internet 10 hours a day also causes you to skip your meals. Skipping your meals is not good because your stomach will feel extremely uneasy and it will cause your stomach to have gastric problems, which is not a good thing, and your stomach may even have a hole in it sooner or later.

To reduce your internet addiction, take eye breaks every 30 minutes and socialise with your family and friends once in a while. Try to cut down on your time you use your computer too.

Chin Fan.

Letter about Cyber Wellness

Dear random person,

You spend the entire day playing Call of Duty! That is why I'm writing a letter to you because most of the time your ears are blocked by gun shooting sounds. You addiction is getting out of hand. A symptom of addiction is you cannot concentrate on other things if you did not play games, you tend to shift the topic to gaming all the time and many of us are annoyed by that.

I am deeply concerned about you mental and physical well-being. It is likely that you stay up the whole night playing games rather than spending the time sleeping. Dozing off in class not only will lead to poor performance in work but also lack of energy for sports.

To get rid of your addiction, I suggest you make a timetable for yourself and be disciplined enough to follow it. Reduce your gaming time to a maximum of an hour a day. If you need help, call 6273 5568  or visit http://www.touch.org.sg/touch_cyber_wellness for more information.

Yours whateverily,
Another random person

Letter About Cyber-Wellness (Michelle Loh)

Dear ___________

I had noticed that you have been addicted to gaming recently. I am concern on the effects gaming had on you. I am writing to advised you to kick your bad habit. As you can see, your eyesight is getting worse and you were unable to concentrate in class. If you continue with your behavior, your grades might drop. I am sure you would not want this to happen.

To prevent your gaming addictions, you can plan out a timetable so that it controls the amount to time you spent on the computer. If that still does not work, you might want to get your parents to set parental controls on your computer so that it prevents you from accessing the gaming sites.

I hope that you can quit your gaming addiction before it gets worse.


Err. A post????


I know that you are addicted to computer games, but addiction to games are like ecstasy. You will not be able to stop the addiction once you stop. Playing educative games can help sometimes, but games are still overall bad, because educational games are not really interesting, and when you play non-educational games, you tend to waste a lot of time. All this wasted time can be spent for better purposes, like doing homework, etc. It will benefit you a lot more than playing games. I hope that you can kick the habit.

Best Regards,
Dear You
I know that you use the internet for more than 10 hours a day. I also know that you skip your lunch everyday just to return home early to use the internet. Plus, I am aware that your grades have been falling and you have been reprimanded by most of the teachers. I urge you to seek help from the school counselor.
I know that you do not want to admit to your parents about this and that they will not bother to understand your situation. I can help you. You can knock on the doors of the counselors room and tell him about your state. I am sure he will be delighted to help you.
Alternatively, you can tell your classmates about this and spend more time with them. I assure you that it will help to pry you away from the computer.
Yours sincerely

Letter About Cyber-Wellness (20)

Write a Letter to a friend who is addicted to the internet and Talk to him about Cyber Wellness

Insert Address of recipient here

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Insert Address of Sender here

Dear Addressee,
It has come to our attention that,inferred from evidence gathered through a period of time until present,you have been shown to have an addiction to the internet.Witnesses(Your mother,father,sister,brother,and hamster) have testified to your spending18 hours a day on various internet websites,applications such as Facebook,MouseHunt,Work-related websites,and some things which would be inappropriate to mention in this letter.

Such behaviour will not be tolerated.The purpose of the internet was to create a network of computers.Your use of this system has both caused harm to yourself and others.Contrary to what you think,people can live without the internet,and in some instances might even be better off without it.The people before our generation lived this way,you can. Furthermore, your life is not a part of the internet,so before you go and waste 3/4 of your life sitting there,please think very carefully about what you want to be for yourself,what you want to be for others, and what others want of you.You only get to live once so please do not waste it away on the internet.

Ways that you can help yourself curb this addiction is restraining yourself whenever you go past the time that you actually need for productive activities that you do on the internet.If you find that you still can't do it,then you might want to ask somebody to switch off the internet and keep it locked somewhere you can't know or reach.Then you might want to spend your time in more productive activities like your homework or read.

Yours Faithfully,

Letter to an internet Addict (Yeo Jun Jie)

Dear *insert name here*,

I've heard recently you have been using the computer too much for your own good. I am writing this letter to you to tell you that it is bad for your health and you should really cut down on the use of it. It will make your eyesight bad and give you a bad posture.

I've shown you the bad effects of the prolonged use of the computer. It is up to you to change. I hope you will think through this carefully.


Jun Jie

Letter about Cyber Wellness ( Emily Wu )

Dear XXX , 

        I have noticed that you are spending more and more time on the internet . I have even heard from your parents that you are skipping meals just so you could spend more time on the internet . As a friend , I feel that what you are doing right now is not advisable so I am writing to provide some suggestions you can try . 
       First of all , this way of lifestyle should not continue because it is very harmful to your health . By skipping meals , you are missing all the calcium and proteins your body needs to grow . Also , by sitting in that chair all day , all your muscles will start deteriorating. 
It is not too late yet . Just follow these few simple steps to curb your addiction . Firstly , make a timetable and follow it . Be sure to limit your hours on the internet and also set aside time for exercise . Second , be sure to get your friends and family to help you . Tell them about your plans and ask them to remind you every now and then . Lastly , have confidence . Being confident is already half the battle won . 
Yours , 

Letter about Cyber Wellness

Dear Friend,

I recently heard that you have been excessively using the internet, during most times of the day. I also heard that you have not been doing your homework and have been sleeping in class, as you have been spending all your time on the internet.

Even though there may be many things to see and do on the internet, you should be aware that the internet brings about more harm than joy. By spending your whole time on the computer, you are harming your eyes and your health. You are also indirectly harming the relationships you have with your friends and family. Other than that, you should be aware that by neglecting your homework and sleep, your grades would surely suffer. Do you want your future to be ruined just because of this internet addiction?

You should regulate your time on the internet, and try to spend more time with your family, doing your work or exercising. These activities are more beneficial to your growth and health. You should also approach your friends and family, to support and help you as you try to get rid of this bad habit.

Well, I hope you would be successful in getting rid of your internet addiction.



Letter about Cyber Wellness (Tam Wai Hang)

Dear John,

I have noticed that you have been severely addicted to the internet. I am writing to you to coax you to stop your addiction towards the internet and concentrate on your studies. I write to you to tell you that the internet can be both a useful platform, but it can also be very dangerous. There are many inappropriate sites on the internet, including sites that promote making of potentially dangerous weapons, sadism and terrorism. There are also certain sites that have violent scenes, games and images that may twist your thinking into thinking that violent can solve various problems. Addiction to games can also be a very serious problem as it will steer you away from your education. Although games can relieve stress, you can easily become addicted to the games and soon your results will worsen. I hope you would keep in mind the seriousness of addiction and keep control over yourself.

Yours sincerely,
Tam Wai Hang

Learning about Cyber Wellness (Marcus)

Dear ____,

I am concern about your gaming addiction as I have noticed it has been affecting your behavior, personality and performance.

Recently, you have been getting more and more aggressive and showing signs of drowsiness in class. Your recent quiz and test results have been dropping drastically.

I think you should really get a teacher to help you to get out of the addiction. The teacher can advise to with useful help of how to kick the addiction. Such examples of help would be like to start healthy sleeping habits and staying back to do homework with the teacher's supervision.

Yours truly,


The "____" can be filled in with any name, amuse yourself with your imagination. :)

Letter about Cyber Wellness (Sean Phua Aik Han)

Hi Jing ____,

I've come to know of your addiction to the internet, so, I'm writing to advise you to kick the bad habit now. Why you should not use the internet use the internet so much? Well, have you ever wondered about the more beneficial things you can do if you do not use the internet as much? If you have not, you should think about it now.

Some examples of activities you can carry out besides using the internet are reading, revising work and even going out to play. These are just some suggestions to help you curb your addiction towards the internet.

Although you can still use the internet, you must exercise self control. But you must also watch out for your own safety. This can be done by not chatting to strangers and not agreeing to meeting up with them in person.

I can only give you advice on how to change but the rest is up to you.


Letter about Cyber Wellness (Sun Jie Min)

Dear John,

I know that you are addicted to the internet and I am writing to you to stop your addiction and to let you learn more about the cyberwellness.

Being addicted to internet is a bad thing, there have been many cases of people addicted to the internet, and end up committing suicide or other horrible outcomes. You will neglect your schoolwork and your grades will deteriorate and your eyesight will worsen.

You should go outside, exercise and do outdoor activities or spend some time with family and friends. If need my help, I can remind to take breaks after spending hours on the computer.

Jie Min

Cyber Wellness 7 April 2011

In your class blog, write a letter to yourself or someone you know who is addicted to gaming.

Explain why you are concerned about the individual’s addiction and how you can lend a helping hand to get him/her out of the addiction.

E-Learning For CE

Hi 207,

Please access the following for CE


Chinese New Year Celebration

Hi 207,

On New Year's Eve, we are going to have the following activities

1 Class Celebration (Understand more about the Festival) - 8 am to 9 am
(Performers for the concert to leave at about 840 am to get ready for the performance)

2Hall Performance 9 am to 10am

What to bring?
Just be in your school uniform.
Bring your water bottle, your umbrella (Expecting showers in the afternoon across the whole island till Sunday. )

Gentle Reminder:
If you have not hand in the pink colour form, please do so by tomorrow.

Mdm Yeo

Science Camp

Dear All,

There is a Science Camp on 6 - 8 June 2011.
Thank you.

Mdm Yeo

Class Photo Taking 27 Jan2011 Thursday

Hi 207,

There will be photo taking on Thursday 27 Jan 2011 @1130 am sharp, outside the Hall.
Please be in your school uniform.
Hair must be neat and tidy.
Gentlemen please get your hair cut and trim these few days.
Ladies please pin up your fringe.

Arrange yourselves from tall to tallest before your proceed to the Hall.
Class EXCO please help out in this, get the class to line up at 1125.

Thank you.

Mdm Yeo

Update of Students' Particulars

Hi S2-07,

Please update your students particulars via this link
Thank you.

Mdm Yeo

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